Tennis Accessories are a “Booming” Business

By User-Q9mF5B | November 5, 2017

The world of tennis continues to experience massive revenue growth at over 30% annually and tennis accessories are a booming…

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Selecting the right Tennis Apparel

By User-Q9mF5B | October 26, 2017

Tennis is one of the few sports that has a history of fashion and elegance. Today, players literally have limitless…

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Fitness starts with building a Strong Foundation

By User-Q9mF5B | October 20, 2017

Today, exercise and fitness are not the same thing. Fitness combines strength and form where exercise builds endurance and skill.…

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Can a tennis racket make a difference in your game?

By User-Q9mF5B | October 12, 2017

Let’s start off by saying it depends! That said we should probably take-a-look at the skill level of the player…

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Tips on Buying the “right” Tennis Shoes

By User-Q9mF5B | October 2, 2017

Let’s start off by saying that not all tennis shoes are created equal. Form and function are still the best…

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