Can a tennis racket make a difference in your game?

Let’s start off by saying it depends! That said we should probably take-a-look at the skill level of the player first. There is a correct and right choice for each skill level. Players must also consider how serious they are before making the investment.

There are also a few misconceptions out there that size doesn’t matter. Guess what, in this case, it does. Rackets range in size based on the arm length of the players and grips can be built up to customize for comfort.

Handles can also be adjusted with standard lengths ranging from 27-29 inches. Arm length combined with the length of the handle can provide more effective ground strokes and serves especially if you prefer “singles”. Conversely if you prefer “doubles” you can always have the handled shortened if you later decide that this is more comfortable. Most pro shops and/or stringers can typically accommodate this request.

Tennis Pro’s often get asked the question, “Should have I have more than one racket?”, and the answer is “yes” especially if you are competing in tournaments. Another question we often get asked is, “Does the brand of racket matter”? While Tennis Pro’s aren’t necessarily experts at racket design we do have our personal favorite, but again this more subjective.

An important note that players should always consider is the size of the racket head because this will determine speed over control with some that are in between. Depending upon the strength of the player and if they like to hit a “heavier” ball, you should always consider the weight of the racket. The technology of graphite vs. carbonite materials have come a long way since the days of aluminum.

The first question we always get asked above any other however is, “how much should I spend on a good racket”. Typically, most intermediate and advanced rackets start above $100 and come unstrung. Always remember you usually get what you pay for, so don’t sell underestimate the performance of a good racket if you want to truly advance your skills.

If you care about style, there are many colors and designs on the market today so have fun shopping around and you will be the envy of your peers. While there are no points in tennis for style, it can’t hurt to boost a little confidence in your mental game!

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