How CBD is changing the sport of Tennis

CBD is starting to make significant in-roads into the sport of tennis. Player endorsement deals such as Terrell Davis and John Isner are becoming more common. Well-known CBD manufacturers are now part of our mainstream culture. The injury recovery time is greatly reduced allowing players to get back in the game sooner than previously. While top professionals are realizing that CBD gives them a competitive advantage, they are also learning they can stay in the sport longer than years prior.

Tennis elbow is a common injury that most players suffer between the adults ages 30-50. CBD offers a natural way to relieve muscle soreness, joint pain and inflammation. There are several topical options available on the market and unlike THC the psychoactive portion of the plant, CBD is offers healing properties that will not make you feel high. CBD reacts with the cannabinoids that already exist in your body. The associated risks from physician prescribed NSAIDs or opioids account for more than 42,000 deaths in the U.S. every year.

As a coach, I often recommend CBD to my athletes and players for cramping because the effects of CBD take little time to absorb into the skin so there is virtually no down time. My brand of choice is the CBD Muscle Relief Gel from Pineapple Wellness because it has a 750 Mg strength with zero THC. I always carry a few in my tennis bag.

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