Tips on Buying the “right” Tennis Shoes

Let’s start off by saying that not all tennis shoes are created equal. Form and function are still the best recipe for success. As with any shoes make sure the pair of tennis shoes you purchase allow you to move in very explosive start and stop movements. This is of course the complete, opposite of the concept behind a long distance running shoe.

Should you buy leather over more breathable materials? It is recommended that you purchase a hybrid of the two. One provides durability and won’t wear through as quickly while the other allows the foot to move inside the shoe a bit more giving the player more coordination.

It is also recommended to have more than one pair. The average, avid player can easily wear through a new pair shows within 4-6 months depending upon how often they play. Always look at the tread to determine how worn the shoes is.

The lateral aspects of a good shoe should provide stability and help protect against injury. If for example your shoes are too loose, you could potentially roll an ankle. This is a common injury that could bench you for an extended period-of-time.

Court Shoes are the only shoes that should be worn on the tennis court. The insole should provide some level of cushion to absorb the high impact and rapid movements of a playing surface. Clay court shoes for example are very different than concrete court shoes.

Always make sure you give yourself at least a half an inch from your toes to the end of the shoes to avoid blisters. Color, Style and brand are purely aesthetic so have fun choosing the right shoes for you!

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