Fitness starts with building a Strong Foundation

Today, exercise and fitness are not the same thing. Fitness combines strength and form where exercise builds endurance and skill. Today’s athletes know the secret to creating a finely tuned body is developing our core.

Life these days is stretched more than ever between work and home life. A strong core can give us all more energy and endurance to sustain the stress that plagues us all. Whether you find time to go to a gym or decide to workout at home, we can all turn back the aging process.

Technique and form delivers results in the shortest amount of time allowing our bodies at any age to develop lean muscle mass. Results don’t happen overnight so it’s important to keep a consistent routine combined with exercise, nutrition, and plenty of rest.

When we isolate our core muscles we target the area that all other muscles leverage for well-rounded performance on the tennis court. Resistance training has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for athletes to isolate muscles whereby eliminating and momentum and relying strictly on a single muscle to do the work.

Once we have established a strong core it is much easier to filter in weight training because the house is already built.

Mastering the art of supporting our own weight will return dividends later when combined with proper weight training.

Posture and use of the correct stance are the hallmark basics to achieving that perfect core. As with any form of cardio, breathing and exhaling build stamina over time. Start with 1- minute planks and each week go another minute with a goal of 5 minutes or more.

Once you can hold a plank for this amount of time you are ready to start with pull ups and then eventually weights. You will also notice major physical results and your body shape will start to change shape. You’ll notice you can stand up straighter and reduce the risk of injury.

Always remember to stretch before and after any rigorous activity. You’ll start to notice the effects of stretching daily as you experience less downtime for your muscles to repair. stretching combined with a strong core will also build endurance and flexibility.

Tennis is a cardiovascular activity the requires endurance. Players also helps to de-toxify the body and accelerate the fat burning zone. Activating the heart rate for 15 minutes daily will also improve the body’s ability to fight off disease and infection.  The optimal heart rate formula is 220 minus your age, times 60 for the lower number, then 220 minus you age and times 80 for the upper number.

The tennis community has long known that the secret to maintaining a youthful appearance is by keeping a strong core and a healthy lifestyle balance.

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  1. MarkDecember 13, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Just started to workout. Part of my routine is a tennis game.
    Will use these tips.


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