Tennis Accessories are a “Booming” Business

The world of tennis continues to experience massive revenue growth at over 30% annually and tennis accessories are a booming industry.  Tennis clothier boutiques and specialty pro-shop retailers are popping virtually everywhere outfitting players around the globe in style.

Notable items that are on top of everyone’s holiday this year include everything from luxe sport handbags to upscale tennis bags. Whether you are an avid player or simply an enthusiast, there are literally thousands of options to choose from. Online retailers have taken the sport to a whole new level by creating a hipster cult following.

Advertisers are pushing the envelope between fashion and sport and are attracting the attention of well-known apparel designers who are showcasing the latest trends as part of their regular casual wear lines that can see on runways from New York, Paris, and Milan. It seems like everybody wants to look like they belong to country club these days even if they can’t afford the membership. Tennis accessories have so many interchangeable looks that hipsters from Venice Beach to Melrose Ave can’t get enough.

Top brands like Nike, Fila, Bole, Lacoste, and Adidas have been forced to make room in this niche industry for a new generation of cross over fitness designers such as Athleta and Lululemon, and Lucy. Sock designers have also decided to capitalize on the action with countless patterns and colors that look great on and off the court. Look around at your local strip mall or shopping center and you will most likely find one in your city.

Have you seen how tennis grips have been changing? Companies such as Smash Tape and Alien Pros offer cool alternatives to the old standards from Tourna, Head, and Wilson. These make great stocking stuffers, hint…hint…! Always think outside the box when it comes to tennis accessories and you will stand out of the crowd every time with your own unique style.


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