How to improve potential health risks by playing more Tennis

Staying physically active daily is no secret to anyone. Playing tennis for one hour has been proven to burn around 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women. It’s no wonder why the allure of the sport attracts so many athletes who have become complacent with other exercise routines. Like Golf, Tennis can be played as a recreational activity with friends and family but with more emphasis on getting the heart rate up for increased health benefits.

These benefits include; increasing aerobic capacities while lowering resting heart rate and blood pressure. Clinical data shows that playing tennis can improve metabolic function and increase bone density. The cardio vascular benefits from tennis help to lower body fat, improve muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. Tennis is a social activity that helps to reduce stress and you can play for a lifetime.

The next time you are taking a tennis lesson or tennis clinic think about the motor skills required in striking the ball, gauging distance, and footwork coordination. Tennis tests speed, balance, and eye hand coordination through technique and movement by generating new connections between the nerve and brain. This alone will keep your mind sharper through those golden years.

Tennis is a game of psychological warfare testing your strategic and creative skills. Shot placement is about decisions before contacting the ball. Knowing how and where the ball lands gives a player a competitive advantage. Unlocking these psychological attributes at any age assists in providing improved self-esteem while mitigating depression and anxiety.

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