Training Tips for Tennis Players

Finely tuned tennis athletes maintain a well-rounded approach to fitness by combing strength training and tennis. Generating power in you ground strokes is achieved not only through the techniques taught by the tennis pros, but it also requires both lower and upper body strength. Best of all there are many ways to get results without having to step in a gym or have access to a lot of weight equipment.

Start simple and work up towards a more aggressive conditioning regimen. A great place to begin is by developing those biceps, triceps, and forearms for more explosive forehands and backhands. Try hammers for building forearm strength. Pushups and seated rows are awesome for building lean and powerful triceps. Curls and pull ups can make all the difference in creating well defined biceps.

The most agile Tennis players rely on endurance and cardio vascular to go the distance in match play and muscle-bound athletes are not typically as quick on their feet. Therefore, strive for a healthy balance between muscle toning and speed to get the most out of your game since most of us aren’t Serena Williams or Rafael Nadal. Form is critically important to gain the best results so if you are not sure always consult a personal trainer that works with tennis players and can guide you appropriately. This will also reduce the risk of injury.

A general rule is to train in the off days when a player is not taking a tennis lesson or getting ready for an important match. The quickest results can be achieved by strength training two days in a row focusing on a single muscle group each day followed by a recovery day that can be substituted for cardio lie tennis. Once a routine is established you will start seeing changes in your game with additional power in your strokes.

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