Tennis Court Equipment can make a difference!

There are different categories of tennis court equipment for individuals, facilities, and for instruction. The most versatile on the market accommodate all categories. That said there are a few “must have” pieces of equipment all tennis players should consider if you don’t belong to some type of club that provides them.

Stop chasing balls and bending over backwards to scoop them up. Ball Hoppers are an essential and come in 3 sizes with the largest of the handhelds that holds up to 200 balls. The detachable polyurethane coated baskets are also ideal for use as a teaching aid. They are lightweight and easily convert to a standing position to feed balls from when coaching.

Another piece of equipment to consider is a Roller Squeegee. It is an expensive way to keep the court clean from debris. Try to get the steel handles that eliminate wobble and assures ultimate stability. It is not necessary to acquire a commercial grade version unless you are a facility coordinator. Look for the compact models that you can easily assemble and pack.

Water Brooms are key in regions of the country that tend to collect a lot of rain and moisture in the air. They are also a great way to maintain safety on the court and are one of the best ways to remove water deposits more quickly allowing players to help dry out the courts after a heavy rain. Make sure you shop around because there are several different variations that range in price.

Stay cool and out of the sun when taking a break with the Tennis Court Awning. Although they make awnings that come with stands, they tend not to be the portable. Try to find the awnings that attach to the bench. The detachable units also typically expand, contract, tilt, and fold into a carrying case. There are many sizes to choose from and some are heavier than others.

Last, but not least, is the gallon cooler stand. Stay hydrated with an insulated cooler that keeps water cold and can be rolled behind you, so nobody is required to do any lifting. Look for the coolers that compact to fit in the back of most vehicle trunks.


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