KT Tape PRO Extreme Kinesiology Tape

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Synthetic Microfiber


Asegúrate de que esto coincide al ingresar tu número de modelo.
Synthetic Microfiber
Strongest Adhesive – The world’s strongest kinesiology tape, designed for the most intense conditions, workouts, skin types, climates and water. Uses our 100% synthetic fabric, the strongest in the industry for greater stretch resistance.
What is KT TAPE? – Elastic sports tape used by professional and serious athletes to support muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments. It is drug free, latex free, hypoallergenic, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, HSA/FSA approved, and easy to wear.
How does it work? – Helps reduce tissue pressure and supports muscles and joints. Studies show that it helps you recover faster from pain. It is used for knee pain, shoulder pain, shin splints, back pain and much more. Watch our videos to apply them easily.
Confiado por profesionales: confiado en atletas profesionales y olímpicos, entrenadores atléticos y profesionales médicos para entrenar más tiempo y terminar más fuerte. Utilizado fuertemente por Team USA, NBA Trainers Association, US Soccer, USA Triathlon, y más.
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