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Pack of 12 units
Ideal for practice and warmup


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Whether you’re a competitive player or just picking up an exciting new sport for the first time, we take your success seriously by constructing only the strongest gear. GAMMA’s bucket of balls is packed with pressureless tennis balls ideal for professional players, instructors, and beginners alike. Unlike standard gas-pressured tennis balls, these balls don’t lose pressure over time, providing you with maximum performance and durability during long play and practice times. Plus, they’re ideal to use with tennis-ball-throwing machines, so you can use them in lessons, in a friendly match, or solo!

Pressureless balls are usable on any court—hard or soft—without issue. The sturdy and reusable bucket of balls will come in very handy when you want to transport your tennis balls. Equipped with a practical handle, a lid, and a sturdy poly construction, our bucket is the perfect durable alternative to tennis-ball mesh bags.

These balls can be a great way to introduce the sport to family, a helpful tool for a pro tennis teacher, and an ideal way to have fun anywhere, even when you’re playing with your dog or pets! The incredibly durable build makes this bucket of tennis balls a perfect gear investment or gift for tennis enthusiasts who need plenty of equipment that lasts.

In 1971, Dr. Harry Ferrari, a nuclear engineer and avid tennis player, created the GAMMA irradiation process for developing strong tennis strings. Forty years later, the GAMMA gut string and other GAMMA technologies are the results of our process of creating rackets, balls, stringing equipment, and other sporting gear that holds up to the spirit of competitive players everywhere. GAMMA understands that athletes have a lifelong need to grow, perform, and strive for excellence, which is why we will never stop innovating. From the balls to the racket strings and the paddle grips, we know game-changing equipment is the ideal way we can support your play, and we are ready to help.

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Pack of 12 units
Ideal for practice and warmup

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