Quick recovery methods for combating Tennis Injuries

It’s inevatable that injury will occur at some point in tennis since it’s a physical sport that places a lot of stress on the body the more competitive we play. Whether you suffer from joint pain, lower back pain, or tennis elbow there are numerous methods of treating these symptoms quickly so players can get back out on the faster.

Once such method is to explore the several prosthetic product options out there that can help restrain further injury and pain such as sport tapes, compression sleeves for knees and arms, and elbow guards for reducing tendinitis. The key is to continue wearing whenever you are on the court or until it is no longer needed. In addition there are some simple exercise tricks that can help accelerate muscle repair in these areas such as pushups, planks, and squats.

Like with other sports, it’s essential to stretch and loosen your muscles prior to playing tennis, then stretch again when you’re done. This will reduce the likelihood of muscle strains as well as the lower-back muscle spasms often experienced by tennis players. Core stretches such as trunk twists, arm circles and slow jogging from one part of the court to another are good ways to warm up your muscles prior to play. If you have chronic back pain, you may want to add to your warm up some lumbar stretches to your warm up routine. All professional tennis coaches recommend stretching before lessons so always try to arrive at least 10 minutes early. This practice also makes players more flexible and agile in their performance.

Learning proper technique will help reduce injuries when playing tennis. A professional coach will teach you optimal stances and other creative ways of working around injuries while still maintaining performance. One such method is using the one-handed backhand, which can reduce some of the rotational stress that this shot puts on the spine. Your coach can teach you safe practice techniques and help you avoid excessive repetition of a single kind of shot like a serve or overhead, reducing the chance of straining any muscle groups.

Massage Therapy has unlimited benefits for muscle spasms, soar joints, to tendinitis.  Deep tissue massage and sports massage modalities are proven therapeutic methods of healing muscle and joints faster. You can always ask your licensed Massage therapies for additional methods you can use at home such as placing a tennis ball under your lower back to help relieve pressure.

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